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eCommerce is the fastest-growing segment of retail today, with Amazon leading the pack.
We're here to manage you through the change and ensure that your brand comes out on top.

Introducing: Praesto

Your Amazon eCommerce data at-a-glance


At Praesto we built the software to help you better understand and optimize all aspects of your Amazon business. We back that up with our Amazon account management and advertising managed services, to help those who need more than data.

We know that not all Sellers or Vendors can manage all aspects of Amazon in-house. If you lack the time, resources or expertise to use our software, or manage your account/advertising our Amazon managed services are designed for you.

We’re here to fill the gaps and be your scalable solution to maximize your sales. Our specialists are seasoned Amazon vets with an eye for attention to detail and the knowledge on how to get things done.

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